What is a hair serum? How can it help in hair growth?

What is a hair serum? How can it help in hair growth?

Hair growth serum is a unique formulation with growth-promoting factors and nutrients for hair health. It makes hair easier to manage, forms a protective layer over hair strands, makes hair smoother, and helps them grow. The active ingredients in these hair potions also help stop hair loss and take care of new hair follicles. They are also called hair restoration and growth serums since they improve the hair's health from the inside out.


Benefits of Hair Growth Serum 

Most people think a serum is hair oil, but it is not. It is a robust and nutrient-rich solution that gives the hair roots the nutrients they haven't had in a long time. Yes it may also contain a blend of essential oils but that is not the only thing they contain.


"Hair serums can help to manage hair loss coming from hair damage and dryness. Applying a few drops of hair serum along the lengths of hair strands while the hair is still damp can go long way" says Dr H S Chauhan, Dermatologist, Twacha Dermatology Clinics, India.


It also gives the scalp and hair the following benefits:


Controls frizz: If your hair is frizzy and you want to get rid of it, you can use a serum. It would boost their moisture and nourish the strands with essential oils.


Detangles the hair: Hair that is rough, dry, and lacking moisture makes it hard to comb or style in the way you want. One of the best things about serum for hair is that it hydrates the scalp and the hair.


Gives your hair the nourishment it needs: Hair serum does much for your hair. It gets deep into the scalp and feeds the hair follicles from the root to the tip. This helps fix the damage that environmental toxins, UV light, poor nutrition, styling products, and styling equipment have done to the hair, making it more robust and softer.


Reverses oxidative stress: Hair serum is an excellent way to protect hair from the free radical damage caused by sun rays. These rays may get through the skin and scalp and cause premature hair greying.


Tip: There are many hair growth serums available in the market.

You can try Hairsilk Hair Serum by Tatveda, Rich in Vitamin E, Hair Growth Specific Amino Acids, and a Blend of UV Protectant Hair Conditioners.

Give your hair the love it deserves. 


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