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Pre-Holi Tips to Protect your Hairs from Artificial Colors

Holi is a time for celebration not only in India but around the world. Before celebrating Holi, we must remember some crucial points. Especially considering the impact of artificial colors on your hair that may undo any progress you've made in caring for your hair in the past few months. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't participate in this fun holiday. "Artificial colors can make hair dry, flaky, itchy, and full of dandruff, weakening hair over time. Here are some tips from Dr. H.S. Chauhan, Dermatologist at Twacha Dermatology Clinics India, that you should follow during Holi to protect your hair.


Snip the split ends.

The chemicals and toxins in the Holi colors will make rough, dry, and brittle hair even worse. Cut off any split ends and get a trim a week before Holi to keep your hair healthy and stop more damage.


Skip the shampoo

No, we don't mean you should play Holi with dirty hair. Skip shampooing your hair, and scalp the day before or on Holi to keep the natural oils in your hair and scalp. These oils will keep your hair from getting too dry from the dyes used in colors.


Treat your scalp and hair to an oil massage.

You probably already knew this Holi hair care tip! When you oil your hair and scalp, you create a protective layer around your hair fibers. This keeps the colors from damaging your hair shafts and makes it less likely that your hair will break when you wash it after Holi. Make sure Holi doesn't damage your hair by massaging it with coconut or olive oil from the roots to the ends.


Keep your hair tied up.

Putting your hair in braids and pinning it up in a bun is another easy way to keep it from getting damaged. Don't let your hair down. If you do, more of your hair will be exposed to the dyes, and your hair will get tangled up, which will cause more damage and hair loss.


Cover your scalp

If you can, wear a stylish scarf or bandana over your scalp to protect your roots and keep the dye from drying out your scalp and roots.


Use Natural Colors.

Time has changed, and with increased awareness, the use of artificial colors is declining. We have to make sure we only use natural colors to express love and joy while celebrating with our loved ones. 


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