Benefits of Ketoconazole Body Wash for Fungal Skin Infections

Tips On How To Manage Fungal Skin Infections This Summer?

Moisture and Sugar are the two ingredients known as the best friends of a #fungus specially when if there is no air to dry. #Fungalinfections can happen at any time of the year, but some, like thrush and tinea, are more likely to happen in the summer. #Fungi like it when it's warm and damp, so places on the Body that sweat in the summer are perfect for them. Fungi can also spread through summer activities like taking a shower at a pool or beach or using a public shower.


Ways to help you deal with fungal infections during the summer


Try Essential Oils

  • Natural essential oils have been used for a long time to manage #fungalskininfections. Such as Tea Tree oil, Basil Oil, and peppermint oil
  • Coconut oil is also effective at controlling bacteria and fungi.


Eat Right 

  • People with #fungalinfections should avoid foods with a lot of sugar or that have been processed. This is because bacteria and mold feed on the sugar. Fungal #skinInfections can worsen and take longer to heal when you consume high-sugar foods.
  • Add Garlic to your diet, preferably raw. It is considered a good antifungal.
  • A homemade remedy suggested by the centenarians is taking Garlic Cloves ground into a paste and mixed with mustard oil to make an ointment and apply on the affected areas.
  • Another natural way to drink Cranberry juice is to treat infections caused by fungi and simultaneously help you cool off in summer. Ensure you buy the unsweetened kind and drink it daily until you notice a change.


Lifestyle Changes.

  • Maintain proper hygiene, Wash clothes regularly, and Do not skip a bath. Don't jump into public pools or bathe in a stagnant pond. 
  • Make sure to dry yourself properly before putting on the clothes. 
  • Always dry the clothes in the sun inside out and iron them inside out as well.
  • While all this is good, if there is still an itch or rash on the Body, contact a #Dermatologist. A #skin specialist may suggest Anti-fungal medications, Creams, Ointments, Soap, and an #AntifungalBodywash.
  • The most common content of an #antifungal #bodywash is #ketoconazole.


What is a Ketoconazole Antifungal Body Wash

Ketoconazole Anti Fungal Body Wash helps wash away common causes of fungal infections, such as candida paronychia (a fungal infection around the nails), cutaneous candidiasis (a fungal infection of the skin), and pityriasis versicolor (a condition in which hyperpigmented patches appear on the trunk and may or may not spread to the arms and shoulders).


It is used to manage skin infections caused by fungi, such as ringworm, athlete's foot, and dermatitis that goes along with them. Combined with other emollients and soothing agents like Panthenol D and Aloe vera, the antifungal Body wash Nourishes and soothes dry and itchy skin. Helps stop the skin from itching and makes it soft. Dry patches and flaking on the skin can be painful because they cause the skin to be pulled from the inside.


"Even though the body washes do not enter the Body as they are intended to clean what's on the skin, still, It's always better to ask your doctor before using ketoconazole antifungal body wash, especially if you are allergic to one of its components, taking oral medicines,or pregnant or intends to use it for a child less than 12 years". Says Dr. H S Chauhan, Dermatologist, Twacha Dermatology Clinics, India


Tip: There are lots of Body washes with antifungal ingredients like ketoconazole that you can use. OR You can also use Ketobrix Ketoconazole Antifungal Body Wash by Biobrix at with the power of Ketoconazole, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, D Panthenol, Basil Extract, Neem extract, Aloe vera Extract for All Skin Types. Stops itching, redness, flaking, scaling, and itching in both men and women. 


Let's keep that fungus away so our skin stays healthy.

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